Do we prescribe correctly inhaled corticosteroids according to GesEPOC 2017 and GOLD 2019 guidelines?

05 Aug 2021
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  • Treatment - drug
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Dublin 2021
Sílvia Álvarez, GRAP, Spain
Clinical Research Results Aim:To assess the IC prescription adecuacy in primary care according to GesEPOC and GOLD guidelines. MethodsSeven primary care centers in Barcelona and Badalona participated in this multicentric study. 620 patients were included in the study and classified according to the latest guidelines. IC prescription was analysed and compared to treatment recommended in the guidelines. ResultsMean age was 68,4 years (SD 9,5). 76,9% were men. 34,8% were receiving IC treatment. Percentage of patients receiving IC treatment stratified according to GOLD classification were A: 26,8%, B: 40,4%, C: 36,6%, D: 51% respectively. GOLD Guidelines do not recommend IC treatment for A and B patients and still in our study we found 31% were receiving IC. Similar results were found when using de GESEPOC Guidelines. Percentage of patients receiving IC treatment stratified according to GESEPOC classification were 27,56% non-exacerbators, 40% exacerbators with emphysema, 30,8% exacerbator with bronchitis and 49,3% with asthma-COPD overlap phenotype (ACO). Therefore only half of ACO patients were treated with IC and almost 30% of non-exacerbator patient group received IC. Conclusions. A high number of ACOs are not being treated with IC which is the recommended treatment.Moreover, a significant percentage of A and B GOLD patients and non-exacerbator phenotype patients are being treated with IC which is, again, not the appropriate treatment for this type of patients. These results show that in our population, primary care physicians are not following the newest guidelines in COPD treatment, whether this is due to lack of knowledge or other causes must be assessed. Implementation Science/Service Development Research Ideas on Respiratory Conditions and Tobacco Dependency Abstract Declaration of Interest There is not conflict of interest References and Clinical Trial Registry Information