A protocol for the development of a severe asthma registry in primary care that is supported by an integrated education-based strategy.

05 Aug 2021
Clinical Research Results Implementation Science/Service Development Aim: This project will describe the development and implementation of the first severe asthma registry in primary care which is supported by an integrated education-based strategy targeting known barriers to care.Context: Chronic disease registries are important sources of information on disease progression as it relates to health service planning, quality improvement and clinical trial enrolment. The majority of chronic illness care is performed within primary care; yet, few registries exist in primary care and thus fail to capture the natural history of many chronic diseases, their comorbid conditions, and the extent to which interventions that promote guideline-based care may influence primary care clinician behaviour.Intervention and Strategy for Change: The PCSAR-EDU (Primary Care Severe Asthma Registry and Educational Strategy) is a project in partnership with UTOPIAN, one of the largest primary care research networks in North America. Validated severe asthma criteria will be applied within the UTOPIAN database to gather patient information relevant for registry entry. Subjective and objective needs assessments will determine patient and physician identified barriers to care. We will develop an accredited educational workshop for primary care providers to address the identified needs and barriers.Effects of Change: The workshop will be used to evaluate changes in a “Clinician Behaviour Score”, a composite measure that reflects how closely medical records align with guideline recommended care of severe asthma in a randomized cluster trial design.Lessons to be Learned: The PCSAR-EDU project aims to make significant contributions to the optimization of severe asthma management in primary care through registry development and the ongoing evaluation of an integrated educational strategy.Message for Others: Findings will inform the focus of future studies that are directly relevant to the management of severe asthma in primary care. Research Ideas on Respiratory Conditions and Tobacco Dependency Abstract Declaration of Interest Funding support provided by Novartis Canada, AstraZeneca Canada, and GlaxoSmithKline Canada. References and Clinical Trial Registry Information

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Dublin 2021
Katrina D'Urzo, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Ireland