Where we looked

IPCRG practice driven answers on COVID-19 and respiratory questions

The IPCRG practice driven answers are based on existing evidence. We use the following services and locations to identify the evidence, as well as searching peer reviewed published evidence as necessary for specific questions.


  1. COVID-END inventory of best evidence syntheses (https://www.mcmasterforum.org/networks/covid-end/resources-to-support-de...) – we have screened around 4000 reviews, assessed quality using AMSTAR and abstracted information on up-to-datedness and whether the review teams used GRADE. We then have created an inventory of ~200+ reviews that we think are high quality and up-to-date. The downside is that we prob focus on broader questions rather than the specific clinical questions that you might be interested.
  2. Epistemikos L-*VE (https://iloveevidence.com) – this is one of the most comprehensive COVID repositories and includes both SRs and primary studies.
  3. McMaster Plus COVID-19 Evidence Alerts (https://plus.mcmaster.ca/COVID-19/) – McMaster PLUS screens a wide range of journals assesses the quality of primary studies and reviews and asks clinicians to rate their newsworthiness. You can sign up for alerts (as a form of knowledge intelligence service) or search their database.
  4. COVID19 Recommendations (https://covid19.evidenceprime.ca) – this is abstracting recommendations from some high quality guidelines (but rather bizarrely not WHO treatment guidelines or the Australian living Guidelines)
  5. National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce (https://covid19evidence.net.au) – these are Australia’s living guidelines that cover a wide range of topics and draw up high quality reviews.
  6. UNCOVER (Edinburgh)
  7. Cochrane rapid reviews: questionbank, process, register, rapid reviews underway or completed: clinical questions: https://www.cochrane.org/news/cochrane-clinical-answers-related-covid-19
  8. Primary Care Centre for Evidence Based Medicine (CEBM) at Oxford University https://www.cebm.net/oxford-covid-19/
  9. WHO advise and technical guidance
  10. Evidence Retrieval Service run by the University of Malaya,
  11. UK Zoe/UCL project
  12. https://margaretmccartney.com