Useful Respiratory Tests

Diagnosis and Assessment

Vital signs: temperature, pulse rate and respiratory rate

Respiratory rate: start 0.47  and

Peak flow test

1 minute Sit to stand

(instructions composed from this reference and others

  1. Use an armless chair with a height of 46 cm;  you can put it against a wall to stop it slipping.
  2. HCP needs a stopwatch used to measure the time and to count how many repetitions.
  3. Demonstrate first then ask the patient to do it as correctly as possible for as many times as they can manage in one minute. 
  4. Put your hands on your hips or fold your arms across your chest to keep your arms still.
  5. When I say “Go!” stand up and without delay sit down again as many times as possible within  1 minute.
  6. Go at a speed which feels safe and manageable.
  7. Stand up so your knees are straight, and when you sit, they'll be bent at right angles.
  8. You may want to have your feet about 30 cm apart, and to push them back a little under your chair.  Toes pointing forwards. Push down into your heels to stand up.  
  9. You can rest if you need during the minute.

Measurements before and after - Heart rate, oxygen saturation (SpO2), blood pressure, and symptoms of breathlessness and fatigue (rated with the modified Borg scale) 

Inhaler technique

Pulse oximetry