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SingHealth Polyclinics Research Department

Contact: shpresearch [at] singhealth [dot] com [dot] sg

SHP Research Department

 167 Jalan Bukit Merah

Connection One Tower 5, #15-10

Singapore 150167

SingHealth Polyclinics (SHP) comprises a network of public primary care clinics and an accredited academic training center for family medicine in Singapore. The SHP Department of Research drives the signature research programmes focusing on preventive health and raising the self-efficacy of individuals to maintain their health in the community. Its primary care respiratory research programme is to advance and enhance self-management of asthma, COPD, acute respiratory infection (ARI), promote related vaccinations, and antibiotics stewardship. These are achieved by leveraging on innovations for new value-based care models, point-of care diagnostics and big data analytics. SHP is keen to establish links and forge partnerships with academic institutions, healthcare institutions, and industry partners for research collaborations. Research internship opportunities are available for doctors, medical students, nurses, and allied health professionals.