Welcome to the Team

25 Mar 2021

Amanda has shared the IPCRG journey for most of its life and was a founder member of our Australian group.  She is currently Australian National University Medical School Interim Associate Director, Rural and Indigenous Health and Head of the Rural Clinical School. Amanda practices as a General Practitioner in Braidwood, a small town in NSW and remains very involved with WONCA rural networks.  She has just stepped down from chairing the National Asthma Council’s Asthma Handbook. She joined the IPCRG Board in March 2021 and continues to chair the IPCRG Education sub-committee.

Noel has worked with IPCRG colleagues since 2016 delivering programmes such as Teach the Teacher and Asthma Right Care, joining the IPCRG board in 2019. He was a practising GP in the UK for 20 years, and held respiratory and tobacco leadership roles for the National Health Service in England. He was Chair of the UK group PCRS, led the Royal College of Physicians of England primary care audit on asthma and COPD and was a member of England’s national guideline committee for asthma. He has also been a clinical advisor to the UK advocacy groups, Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation.