Very Brief Advice for Tobacco Dependency

04 Jun 2021

IPCRG and Medthority have created new material for their e-learning site on treating tobacco dependence. As well as the video case studies and learning assessment modules you can now hear three bite -size 15 minute podcasts from our IPCRG faculty.

Episode 1 : Family Physicians, Vidal Barchilon and Lucia Gorreto discuss pragmatic approaches and challenges to supporting tobacco users during the COVID-19 pandemic using the digital and remote opportunities available.

Episode 2 : Debbie Robson, addiction researcher and mental health nurse from the UK and Anders Ă˜strem, Family Physician from Norway have a thought-provoking discussion about mental health and tobacco dependency covering a wide range of topics, including the impact of tobacco use on anxiety, the safety and effectiveness of stop smoking medicines in people with mental health problems and how to approach tobacco dependency in people living with mental illness.

Episode 3: Pharmacists, Ema Paulino and Darush Attar Zadeh discuss how community pharmacies can practically support tobacco users and discuss what is involved in setting up a service. They explore how Family Physicians and community pharmacists can work together in helping people quit.


Available here