Over 100 publications from the IPCRG support Global Health Respiratory Network

25 Mar 2021

The Global Health Respiratory Network (GHRN), coordinated by the IPCRG, has released a full list of over 100 member publications as at February 2021. The publications reflect the wide range of scientific disciplines and the different low and middle income countries that the GHRN members operate in. This list features two consortium-led commentaries, the first introducing the GHRN and second calling on inadequate and inequitable respiratory research funding to be addressed. The GHRN has 10 Respiratory NIHR Groups and Units and one GCRF-funded project, and aims to build value through collaboration, enhance the funders' investment and meet the aim of improving respiratory health of the world’s poorest. These projects are UK led with partners in South America, Asia and Africa and the IPCRG plays an active role in bringing people together and driving synergistic working approaches.