IPCRG Research Prioritisation Awards

13 Jun 2022

New award programme to support the IPCRG research priorities

The IPCRG is delighted to announce the IPCRG Research Prioritisation Awards, which will support the response to our recent research prioritisation exercise. Our research priorities can be taken forward by everyone involved in primary care and respiratory research, but the top 10 priorities now receive special focus through these awards.

10 awards of up to £5,000 are being provided over 2 rounds, with submission deadlines of the 31st October 2022 for Round 1 and 30th April for round 2.

These awards also intend to help Early Career Researchers in carrying out high quality work to develop their expertise. We invite proposals from any country, but they should be from a recognised research organisation  (e.g University or Research Institute) and a supervisor must be committed to supporting the research and researcher/s named in the proposal. The award itself would be made to the organisation, likely in the name of the supervisor.

The maximum amount of an award is £5,000 (GBP). The award may be part of a wider funding package that includes awards from other funders. However it should not be dependent on a decision from another funder that is not already made.

We are excited about this unique opportunity and the results it should offer to respiratory primary care, and the interest we expect it to stimulate in respiratory primary care research. We very much look forward to receiving applications and encourage our supporters to spread the word of the award programme.

The first round will open on July 1st, when the application form and proposal pack will be made available, so look out for this on our website and social media channels.