Growing the Asthma Right Care social movement

25 Mar 2021

Asthma Right Care is now active in 13 countries increasing the numbers of conversations about what needs to change in asthma care.  In all countries, we see over-reliance on episodic care, but how that is manifested varies. In many, it’s over-reliance on short-acting beta agonists (SABA), particularly where it is available for sale over the pharmacist counter.  In others, it is over-reliance on nebulisation, or even hospitalisation. 

Plans include:

  • New Question and Challenge cards for World Asthma Day on 5 April, Uncovering Asthma Misconceptions.
  • More work with community pharmacists, including a case study about the Spanish experience of prohibiting over the counter SABA sales, and collaboration with the International Pharmaceutical Federation.
  • Continued translation and use of the Asthma SABA slide rule to explore levels of reliance
  • Cultural adaptation and implementation of the Reliever Reliance Test for a person with asthma to explore why they might be reliant on SABA
  • Preparation for a symposium during our World Conference: [add date and time] to encourage more countries to participate
  • Capacity building through development of a Latin American Teach the Teacher master faculty to enable the spread of Asthma Right Care

See Darush’s blog here on work with community pharmacy