Asthma Right Care update: Tunisia

09 Oct 2023

APPA Tunisie and IPCRG Tunisia have announced the launch of the SOAP Project (SABA Overuse Awareness in Pharmacies). This is the first collaborative project of the Asthma Right Care Design Charette Group, and will set up a system for screening and educating people with asthma who base their treatment solely on repeated use of Beta-2 Short-Acting Drug - behaviour which has been shown to lead to asthma exacerbations and hospitalisation.

This project was presented at the Forum de l’Officine 2023 to the warm welcome of the Tunisian Minister of Health, Prof. Ali Mrabet.

This project is being carried out in partnership with the Syndicate des Pharmacies d’Officine de Tunisie (SPOT) and the Syndicate Tunisien des M├ędecins de Libre Pratique (STML). It addresses UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 3 - health and wellbeing for all, and by all.

Asthma Right Care is an international change programme and social movement launched by IPCRG. In Tunisia, Asthma Right Care is carried out by a multidisciplinary group working towards the general objective of improving the management of asthma by involving primary care physicians, pulmonologists, pharmacists and more. 

Find out more about the SOAP Project here. The tools used will be available in Tunisian dialect soon.