Asthma Right Care update - summer 2023

09 Aug 2023

Asthma Right Care Strategy meeting update

The eight person-centred statements that represent the IPCRG strategy were presented by Jaime, Marina Pardo and Catalina Panaitescu at a WONCA Europe workshop together with an introduction to IPCRG and also the COPD Right Care statements.  They were well received with very positive feedback. Therefore, the next development is to extend the framework to include "know - know how to - do" for each statement by defining the required competences and how they would be achieved.

The learning from the Asthma Right Care Teach the Teacher in North Macedonia was also reviewed.  Key learning points included how best to customise for the local context.

Asthma Right Care Country updates

Exciting initiatives have been progressing across the world to spread Asthma Right Care to more geographies, more parts of the healthcare system, and going deeper to achieve a paradigm shift.

Highlights include:

  • Public and primary care awareness events in towns and cities such as Walk with Asthma in Portugal and Brazil known as Caminhasma
  • Publicity and videos in Argentina during their Asthma Week
  • A rally, seminar and policy dialogue meeting in Bangladesh
  • Teach the Teacher sessions across Brazil and Mexico
  • Education session in the UK, Portugal and Spain
  • Translation of Asthma Right Care materials in Malaysia and North Macedonia
  • Development of the Asthma RIght Care Jenga Game in Spain to engage primary care
  • New publications in Argentina, Canada, Spain, Brazil and the UK
  • Launch of the new IPCRG inhaler technique videos and other inhaler and peak flow resources 

See the image gallery below for more information.