Key Issues in the Diagnosis, Referral and Therapy of Severe Asthma

We have created CME materials in partnership with Medscape Education Global on the diagnosis and management of people with difficult to manage asthma, exploring when to refer, what to expect from a referral to a hospital specialist, and giving an update on treatments for severe asthma.  In addition to two filmed roundtable discussions, there are commentaries in French, Spanish, Italian and German about those discussions; an interactive simulated case with a patient, and further resources.

Key Issues in the Diagnosis, Referral and Therapy of Severe Asthma  (an education partnership with Medscape)

Each element qualifies for 0.5 CME points.

Resources include:-

Difficult to manage asthma case study (Andrew W) 

Case Studies in French, German, Spanish and Italian

Identifying Severe Asthma in Primary Care Practice and When to Refer

Severe Asthma in Primary Care: What Can We Do Before Referring to a Respiratory Specialist?

Further resources are available on the treatment of severe asthma that were developed by World Allergy Organisation and Medscape  Exploring the Role of Biologics in Reducing Oral Corticosteroid Use in Severe Asthma