Covid-19 Information for the public

Brief from the World Bank, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Harvard Kennedy School and Project Clear on guidelines and principles to help governments develop national behavior change communications strategies to combat COVID-19

COVID-19 Digital Classroom (a partnership between the Community Health Academy at Last Mile Health, CORE Group, Medical Aid Films, TechChange, Translators without Borders, and UNICEF)

Films in multiple languages:

WHO Q&A for the public

Patient charity: Asthma UK

Patient charity: Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

Q&As from European Lung Foundation in multiple languages

Hesperian guide to COVID-19 and how to protect yourself for low and middle income countries in many languages:

Supporting someone with breathlessness (please note this website was developed for carers of patients with breathlessness due to COPD or cancer rather than Covid-19, although we have been able to add a few pointers on caring for someone in the recovery phase of Covid-19)

Information for young people in 20+ languages: How Do I Protect Myself from Smithsonian Science Education Center and Interacademy Partnership and WHO