COVID 19 Emerging treatment questions for primary care including about people with COPD and/or asthma

Assessment and management of adults with asthma during the covid-19 pandemic 8 June 2020 NHS London Primary and Community Care Respiratory Resource Pack during COVID-19 (Version 6 - Updated 8 June 2020)  including pathways, triage, organisation of care too

Our UK group, PCRS resources including Q&As:

CEBM - Asthma and COVID-19: risks and management considerations


Australian Asthma Handbook (chaired by our Chair of Education, Amanda Barnard):

Canada - Alberta College of Family Physicians Tools for Practice Rapid Reviews eg hydroxychloroquine 

Malaysian guidelines on inhaled therapy during COVID-19 pandemic - relevant for middle income countries where nebulisation is common and so now needs to be avoided (download PDF version 5 April 2020)

China: Special presentation to WHO-GARD 19 March 2020 from Dr. Bin Cao – Chinese Guideline of Diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19

Portuguese: data on symptoms from Kings College, London and Zoe using new symptom tracker app which has about 2m UK citizens and now launched in US (1 April 2020)

PACK - Practical Approach to Care Kit, from the University of Cape Towns Lung Institute Knowledge Translation Unit, South Africa (UCT KTU), in partnership with the British Medical Journal (BMJ): revised algorithm PowerPoint from