COPD Value pyramid

Between 2010 and 2016, the UK National Health Service respiratory network programme in London asked multidisciplinary clinicians, managers, thought leaders, patients and public health experts to describe for the 32 separate health systems within the capital city what good COPD care should look like. The final report in 2016 provides a wider description of their work. However  the  COPD Value Pyramid they produced is notable for being highly effective in influencing thinking beyond its original intended audience by translating Right Care principles to COPD treatment. This tool that describes the relative cost-effectiveness of the various COPD interventions known to be clinically effective, enabled a broader view of ‘what works’ and ‘what we can afford’ for the COPD interested audience. I It assumed diagnosis was made, and that leadership and education systems were in place.   It also did not differentiate by severity in the infographic - this differentiation is available in more detailed papers.  However it has been quoted, re-imagined and adapted by many because of its face validity to those who know about or are interested in COPD. 

IPCRG is now taking each of these evidence-based interventions and offering practical tools on prevention; diagnosis;  communication of diagnosis; vaccination; helping smokers quit; pulmonary rehabilitation, supported self-management helping people Breathe Well, Move More and Feel Better and palliative, symptom-relieving approaches from diagnosis; and the right pharmacological treatment addressing overuse, misuse and underuse.

COPD Value Pyramid: used in United Kingdom Outcomes Strategy for COPD