Asthma Right Care Implementation Pack

How to use this Implementation Pack

Our vision is for Asthma Right Care to be a global movement, but we are also realists!   Some things would benefit from a budget, like a venue to meet, get materials translated and localised, print materials, some people's time.  Therefore we need to work together to make the best of the resources we have, and this needs a process:

  • Access to this implementation pack is available through application to IPCRG - businessmanager [at] ipcrg [dot] org
  • If you need initial budgetary support, IPCRG can contribute a budget (funded by AstraZeneca Global) and central project management support.
  • An initial call will take place between your team and IPCRG to discuss the implementation pack and next steps.
  • Once your application has been approved and funding agreed then a local Country Team can be set up - see Step 1 below
  • A mentor who has already followed the steps covered by this implementation pack will be identified to support your social movement
  • In addition there will be regular calls with IPCRG and health care professionals following the Asthma Right Care movement to discuss progress and ask questions
  • We encourage you to involve local potential funders from the outset. This might include AZ, other industry partners, insurance companies or other health funders

Step 1 Essentials -Identify local issues, current solutions and resources

1. Identify a small local Delivery Team
The Delivery Team should include individuals with:
 - Energy
 - Creative thinking
 - Commitment to improved asthma outcomes
 - Direct experience of asthma management (patients, pharmacists, GPs, nurses, ED doctors, pulmonologist etc)
 - Experience/contacts across the country

2. Complete Stakeholder Mapping
Invite your local Delivery Team to meet to 
 - map stakeholders
 - prioritise invitees,
 - set date for a "Design Charrette" (a bit like a hackathon but not about IT)
 - agree invitation letter 
Resources (See Additional Resources)
 - Stakeholder Mapping Guidance
 - Styles of Design Charrette Invitation Letters and Agendas 

3. Plan your Design Charrette
What Asthma Right Care Materials do you need
 - Asthma Slide Rule
 - Giant Slide Rule
 - Question & Challenge Cards
 - Asthma Right Care Videos
Do you need to adapt or translate the materials in advance of the meeting?

What format will your Design Charrette take?
 - Do you need a facilitator?
 - Are you including smaller group discussions?
 - Does the venue have the equipment required for your event, e.g. screens, flipcharts, mics, table set up etc
Resources (see Additional Resources)
 - Copies of the Asthma Slide Rule, Guidance Notes and Question & Challenge cards in English, Portuguese and Spanish
 - Downloadable versions of the Asthma Right Care Videos 

4. Hold Design Charette
Seek ideas about how to tailor Asthma Right Care to your country to stimulate the most conversations and most commitment to change

We can give examples of how these have been adapted, but it really is up to the stakeholders
 - eg in Portugal they have the power to influence the electronic medical record,
 - in Spain they have improved the question cards into a game,
 - others are thinking how the slide rule could be digital

Step 2 Implementation - Mentor appointed to support Asthma Right Care roll out

Confirm products and channels for communication

 Identify what Asthma Right Care products you need printed

     - Asthma Slide Rules

     - Question & Challenge Cards

     - Other resources

Identify what communication channels you will use

     - Links to websites

     - Social media feeds

     - Face to face events

     - Local videos

     - Other possibilities

Step 3 Right Care Readiness - Asthma Right Care scaling up

Grow the Asthma Right Care followers and provide feedback

 - Ongoing support from IPCRG with Office Hour calls and FAQs

 - Distribute materials

 - Share the Asthma Right Care messages

 - Feedback to the local Delivery Team and to IPCRG

Asthma Right Care Success