A live discussion: COPD and multimorbidity

14 Oct 2020
Respiratory conditions
  • COPD
  • Multi-morbidity
Type of resource

Challenges of management of multimorbidity in different countries and settings from the primary care point of view, the collaboration with secondary care and gives practical advice on what to do.



  • Ioanna Tsiligianni from Greece. MD, PhD, MPH/HCM, General Practitioner, Assistant professor in the University of Crete, IPCRG Past President
  • Claudia Vicente from Portugal. MD, General practitioner, GRESP coordination member
  • Björn Ställberg from Sweeden. MD, GP, Associate Professor, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Janwillem Kocks from Netherlands. IPCRG President, General Practitioner, Professor of Inhalation Medicine, OPRI, Singapore Director GPRI
  • Kristian Jong Hoeines from Norway. GP, Chair Norwegian branch of IPCRG
  • Rudi Peche from Belgium. MD, FCCP, Pulmonologist, Head of pneumology department ,CHU Charleroi, Past President of the Belgian Respiratory Society