Global Health Respiratory Network

IPCRG is the coordinator for the Lung Health Synergies Consortium, which brings together 12 NIHR and MRC research programmes. Each programme consists of partnerships between UK and overseas research institutions that aim to improve lung health in low- and middle-income countries through a variety of multidisciplinary and applied health research and research capacity strengthening activities.



The objectives of the Consortium are:

  • To demonstrate the added value to the funders (NIHR and MRC), members of the Global Health Respiratory Network and the global health community of a meta-collaboration between the members to advance progress to the SDG targets (evidence will include deliverables listed below but also softer measures such as the quality of the relationships between the partners and energy to collaborate)
  • To identify synergies between projects, new partners, research questions and funding opportunities.
  • To undertake foundational work for future collaborative bids for grants to improve global respiratory health.