COVID-19 open source sources of information

02 Jul 2020

Please note most of these resources are links to websites and a few are downloadable PDFs.


Maps also using Johns Hopkins data   using the same data

European excess mortality:


General guidance for primary care

Searchable database from Centre for Evidence-based Medicine, Oxford, Primary Care Group

Greenhalgh T et al. Guidance for remote consultations. BMJ 2020;368:m1182 doi: 10.1136/bmj.m1182



Australia: Living guidelines - taking the evidence for primary care and turning into living guidelines and flowcharts by taskforce based at Cochrane Australia at Monash University:

Bangladesh: Guide to reopening primary care practice during COVID-19: 

Brazil: Recomendações de especialistas para a prevenção e controle de infecções por COVID-19 na atenção primária (primeira edição) (Translated from the English translation of the original Chinese.  See below for English)

China: Expert Recommendations for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 Infections in Primary Care (First Edition) (Searchable HTML version - ) See above for Brazilian translation.

China: Handbook on COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control in Communities



NHS Scotland:    

Nursing Times: Novel coronavirus: key questions and answers on the outbreak | Nursing Times

Review and guidance on masks as part of protection for healthcare workers and the public written for India and other populous South Asian countries by Sundeep Salvi (undergoing peer review)




Spain for pharmacists: 

Pulmonary rehabilitation resource pack from British Thoracic Society when face-to-face is not possible:

Children - tips for primary care by Edward Snelson

Leaflet for keyworkers who are parents about the mental health of their children:

Discharge to the community from hospital, and post-COVID survival

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control:

Public Health England:

Community Trauma Toolkit, Dr Penny Burns

NHS England: Aftercare needs of inpatients recovering from COVID-19

Rural and remote

Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine:

US Rural Health Information Hub and  NRHA

Manitoba, Canada:

Rural Doctors of Southern Africa

People in informal settlements

Practical advice from ARISE (LSTM, UK)


Emerging treatment questions for primary care including about people with COPD and/or asthma

Assessment and management of adults with asthma during the covid-19 pandemic 8 June 2020 NHS London Primary and Community Care Respiratory Resource Pack during COVID-19 (Version 6 - Updated 8 June 2020)  including pathways, triage, organisation of care too

Our UK group, PCRS resources including Q&As:

CEBM - Asthma and COVID-19: risks and management considerations

GINA: and

Australian Asthma Handbook (chaired by our Chair of Education, Amanda Barnard):

Canada - Alberta College of Family Physicians Tools for Practice Rapid Reviews eg hydroxychloroquine 

Malaysian guidelines on inhaled therapy during COVID-19 pandemic - relevant for middle income countries where nebulisation is common and so now needs to be avoided (download PDF version 5 April 2020)

China: Special presentation to WHO-GARD 19 March 2020 from Dr. Bin Cao – Chinese Guideline of Diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19

Portuguese: data on symptoms from Kings College, London and Zoe using new symptom tracker app which has about 2m UK citizens and now launched in US (1 April 2020)

PACK - Practical Approach to Care Kit, from the University of Cape Towns Lung Institute Knowledge Translation Unit, South Africa (UCT KTU), in partnership with the British Medical Journal (BMJ): revised algorithm PowerPoint from


Rapid review services

University of Edinburgh register of registers called UNCOVER:

Cochrane rapid reviews: questionbank, process, register, rapid reviews underway or completed: clinical questions:

Primary Care Centre for Evidence Based Medicine (CEBM) at Oxford University  

McMaster University Canada evidence reviews:

Ministry of Health, Singapore:

Review of papers that hit the headlines from science experts:

Education for primary care

Royal College of GPs, UK including palliative care

WHO  Free courses to improve response to health emergencies by frontline responders.

Knowledge Translation Unit, South Africa:|

Kings, London for staff and patients - comprehensive resource on mind and body:

Death, dying, and love with Iona Heath

Managing vulnerable patients during the COVID-19 crisis 

Professor Trish Greenhalgh on video consultations and PPE

Education for patients - self-help for anxiety and breathing (added following IPCRG webinar 23 May 2020)

Headspace – mindfulness app to reduce stress and anxiety

Feeling good by David Burns– CBT self help book and other resources

Self-Help Leaflets for Anxiety and Depression in people with long-term conditions (IMPARTS at King’s College London)


Resources and forum on the British Lung Foundation website

Breathing pattern disorder (previously hyperventilation):

Breathing for COPD and asthma


Antibody tests:

Organisation of care

Curated list of Cochrane reviews on organisation of care eg community health workers in pandemics, shifts from GP to nurse, mobile phones:
NHS A4 poster guide to holding a video consultation from Design Science:
Use of virtual consultations: Royal Australian College resources and campaign:

Models and population level data

Modelling from Imperial College, London

Mortality rates by country by infection rate by age

Editorial BMJ 2020-03-26 from our Chair of Research and colleagues:  Covid-19: risk factors for severe disease and death:

WHO Statements


Information for the public 

Films in multiple languages:

WHO Q&A for the public

Patient charity: Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (useful chart comparing symptoms of COVID-19, colds, influenza and allergies)

Patient charity: Asthma UK 

Q&As from European Lung Foundation in multiple languages

Hesperian guide to COVID-19 and how to protect yourself for low and middle income countries in many languages:

Supporting someone with breathlessness (please note this website was developed for carers of patients with breathlessness due to COPD or cancer rather than Covid-19, although we have been able to add a few pointers on caring for someone in the recovery phase of Covid-19)

Information for young people in 20+ languages: How Do I Protect Myself from Smithsonian Science Education Center and Interacademy Partnership and WHO 

Information for researchers

Global Health Respiratory Network (GHRN)


Repositories of peer-reviewed papers

World Health Organization - multiple languages searchable database



Lancet Respiratory Medicine




Physical distancing, face masks, and eye protection to prevent person-to-person transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Lancet 2020-06-01 and Science Media Centre expert review

Review for Indian Physicians Association, Sundeep Salvi

University of Edinburgh Usher Institute 4 rapid reviews for UK policy makers

Oxford CEBM review of respirators for healthcare workers

Debate on face coverings for the public (social masks) Greenhalgh et al

Latest WHO guidance for the public including videos:

Other Information

Rapidly updated guidance on treatment Internet Book of Critical Care:


Royal College of GPs, UK

Australian College for Emergency Medicine: Managing COVID-19 across the Indo-Pacific: A guide for emergency departments with limited resources



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