IPCRG Desktop Helper - Theophylline

This 2-page IPCRG Desktop Helper discusses theophylline, which is an effective bronchodilator which may be used in the management of both asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). It is widely available, and less expensive than many other bronchodilators.

The Desktop Helper includes sections titled:

  • Mode of action
  • Side effects and toxicity
  • Prescribing data
  • Oral theophylline in asthma
  • Oral theophylline in COPD
  • Use of theophylline in developing countries - asthma
  • Use of theophylline in developing countries - COPD
  • IV theophylline

Author: Rhonda Siddall

Adviser: Jim Reid

Editor: Dr Hilary Pinnock

Funding: Funded by IPCRG